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The Village Baxter

A range of projects have been undertaken at the Village Baxter over the years, including the construction of a new 60 bed residential aged care facility – The Manor.


The Manor comprised four individual houses each of 15 beds, and each having their won local living and dining areas, so that residents could basically live within their own “house” if they wished. A central dining / living room was also provided to allow for more communal living as required.


Again the geometry of the wings has been set off an orthogonal grid, to break the institutional feel of the building, and to create more dynamic courtyard spaces. A central admin / service core and communal activity space has been provided to pull the development together.


With the layout adopted, it is possible to convert any of the wings to be dementia specific, which has actually been done.





Aged Care Facility

Retirement Living Units

Office & Administration

Wellness Centre

Community Centre


The Bunurong people


Frankston South, Victoria


Varied from $500k - $50 mil.


Completed various projects over 18 years

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