Blair Architects specialise in retirement, aged care, health care & multi unit residential

We integrate sustainable building design principles with the operational, cultural, and financial variables unique to every project to achieve optimum strategic and business results for our clients.


Blair Architects, based in Melbourne, Australia was formed in 1998 and has specialised in multi-unit residential, retirement living and aged care projects. 


This experience, across a broad range of facilities across Australia, has developed invaluable expertise and feedback in high quality residential environments incorporating functionality, maintainability and serviceability within an affordable budget. 


Blair Architects incorporates environmental agendas in its design strategy as an integral part of its responses to site conditions. This is manifested in attention to solar passive design of the building envelop with regard to orientation, sun shading, resource conservation and sensitivity to site topography and vegetation.


The firm works closely in a coordinated fashion with its various consultants while impressing and synergising its own values with theirs. Associated consultant works closely with Blair Architects to achieve energy efficient, green and minimal waste outcomes. Blair Architects recognises the role of appropriate landscape design as a fundamental design element, in enhancing a sense of well being among occupants, and providing both spatial and temporal sues for way-finding, place making and marking of seasons.


Having worked and designed aged care facilities around Australia, Blair Architects is familiar with general end-user and statutory requirements. However, the firm also has expertise to coordinate with specific end users and empathise with their special needs while simultaneously reconciling them with pragmatic issues of design, budget, construction and project management. Blair Architects is passionate about designing dynamic and sustainable communities for elderly people.