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Article - Why vertical living for older people needs to address heat risks

Willow Aliento, The Fifth Estate, June 2018


Vertical living is touted as the way of the future for older urban Australians – but there’s a danger apartments could turn into solar ovens during heatwaves...

Article - Standalone upgrade for survival

Ken Blair, Australia Ageing Agenda, May-June 2017 issue


Small and single-site centres are turning to refurbishments and renovations to ensure their viability in a competitive, consumer-led market...

Article - Looking for Lessons in Acute Care

Ken Blair, Australia Aging Agenda,  March-April 2015 Issue


Despite a major rejection of the hospital model by aged care sector over the last 30 years, it may now be time to re-examine recent developments in that sector to ensure our aged care designs are achieving optical results...

Article - Aging is not death. Stop Conflating the two.

Amy Gutman. The Washington Post,  March 2015 Issue


Older Americans are living longer than ever. We need to give them more ways to contribute to the society, not fewer.....

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