Ottrey Homes face lift existing entrance area to changed to a cafe. Timber battens were added to existing partition wall to provide a modern look to the aged care facility
Ottrey Homes S2 2 extension. Clerestory window at the main corridor allow large amount of direct sunlight into the building.

Ottrey Homes Nursing Home Stage 2 Redevelopment, Cobram, Victoria

Project Value: $7.3 mil
Client: Ottrey Homes
Status: Completed 2020

The project involved extension of 33 bedsits,  administration area, communal spaces, dining areas and upgrading existing kitchen to meet current standards. Floor and wall finishes in Tatjana wing will be replaced.

Where new residential wings have been added, bedroom clusters have been  reduced in size to size to maintain a residential scale, and to promote wayfinding and legibility. 

Ottrey Homes Stage 2 Hair Salon. Existing hair salon has been refurbished with new moden looking tiles and fittings. This is a place where residents can be pampered.