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Korongee Dementia Village

The Korongee Dementia Village is aimed at providing a real-life experience for those with dementia. It follows The De Hogeweyk dementia village model by not only adopting a small household model of living but also by reinstating the outdoors as an integral part of living for the residents.

The design incorporates a principle boulevard space; appearing in the centre of the site. It runs north-south with a secondary axis running perpendicular to this.

At the intersection of these two spaces is the Hub; a cluster of communal activity spaces such as a café, post office, hairdresser, and grocer and is easily distinguishable with a unique roof form that provides residents with an easily recognizable indicator for a sense of spatial awareness. Also, major activity spaces are provided at the edges of the principle boulevard, with the meeting hall at the northern end and the restaurant at the southern end.

The houses are grouped around courtyards, each of which shall have a unique landscape treatment; each treatment will reinforce and reflect upon the history of the orchard being the historic character of the site


Aged Care Facility


The Tasmanian Aboriginal People


Glenorchy, Tasmania


$25 mil.


Feasibility Studies

Blair Architects Korongee Dementia Village
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