Hobart Clinic, Rokeby, Tasmania

The Hobart Clinic, Rokeby, Tasmania

Project Value: $25 mil.
Client: The Hobart Clinic Association
Status: Construction commence 2021

The Hobart Clinic currently provides 24 hour care for up to 27 Mental Health inpatients and has an expanding day program. This configuration is not consistent with efficient staffing models, which require an inpatient ward to be in multiples of eight, with an optimum size of 48 patients.

The redeveloped facility will provide additional inpatient beds in sufficient numbers to meet current and future demands for services. This will comprise two new 24 bed wards.

The day programs offered by the Clinic currently cater for up to 60 people per day, and the redeveloped facility, to meet the growing demand, will be designed to accommodate 100 people per day in a separate unit.

Psychiatric consultant services are offered with seven consultant rooms currently, and it is anticipated this will need to be increased to eleven or twelve consultant rooms.

Consulting rooms and day program areas are to be located together to facilitate patient access and to consolidate reception areas and non-bed based services. Separate entries will be provided for the inpatients and day program and consulting room wings.

Biophilic design principles have been adopted to reinforce the healing aspects of the environment, with views and access to multiple landscaped courtyards, single loaded corridors maximise daylight penetration, and to reinforce circadian rhythms, and use of natural materials. 

Hobart IM4.png