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Chomley House

Chomley House is a redevelopment of an existing aged care in Prahran that consist of 67 beds. The existing entry from the south of the  existing facility has been sealed and a new entrance has been created to the East of the existing opening directly to Chomley Street. Apart from providing ease of access, relocation of the entry and Porte Cochere also ensures legibility from the street. The revised entry also assists in the safe entry and movement of vehicle within the site.


A central spine that links the extension as well as the vertical circulation hubs creates a well-defined and coherent means of movement and access within the facility. This has benefits for the cognitively challenged residents.


The proposal takes cognisance of the existing structures in its immediate vicinity. Care has been taken to ensure that the bulk and massing of the facility does not dominate the street. Accordingly, care has been taken to offset the upper floors of the facility from the street edge. A similar strategy has been employed on the western edge of the development, where the mass of the proposal is stepped back to prevent overlooking.


As far as possible, the mass and the bulk of the structures of Chomley Street have been retained with the aim of preserving the street character. The proposed materials have been selected to harmonise and lend in with the existing finishes as well as the finishes on the adjacent properties. This approach ensures the existing residential street character is not compromised by the proposed facility.





Aged Care Facility


The Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Bunurong people


Prahran, Victoria


$20 mil.


Town Planning obtained

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