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Lyrebird Village

The project has comprised the redevelopment of an existing aged care complex in Drouin for Lyrebird Villages for the Aged, a non profit aged care provider.


The project has been undertaken in two stages:-

  • Stage 1 - comprising the addition of 19 dementia care places, and 21 high care beds to an existing refurbished - bed aged care Boronia wing.


  • Stage 2 - demolition of an existing aged care wing and construction of a new 49 bed residential aged care Banksia wing.


The project required the maintenance of all residents on site during the works, and initially it was proposed that Stage 2 be constructed in a number of smaller sub stages, to maintain continuity of the kitchen service. Negotiation with the builder however allowed for an alternate strategy to be adopted that shortened the construction time considerably.


The design of the new wings focused on providing smaller scale residential wings with a main new boulevard being created to provide orientation for both residents and visitors. Staffing efficiencies are maintained with continuous walking paths. Northern orientation is maintained for all major living areas, and local living areas have been provided to ensure easy access for all residents. Memory display cases, larger than the more common memory boxes, have been provided outside each bedroom, in conjunction with wheelchair storage cupboards. These are capable of displaying quite large three dimensional objects, which not only personalise each room, but provide a non-institutional ambience. Localised storage also means equipment is stored rather than left in corridors.


The fractured geometry of the existing Boronia wing has been referenced in the stage 1 additions to ensure a village like feel is maintained. The stage 2 boulevard has adopted a long sinuous curve to gain identity as a design element readily recognised.





Aged Care Facility


The Kulin and Kurnai people


Drouin, Victoria


$25 mil.



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