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Lynden Aged Care

Lynden Aged Care involved redeveloping significant parts of an existing aged care development and also adding on a new 24 bed extra service wing. Planning for the development was driven by a desire to retain a small residential scale for the residents, but retain staff efficiencies from a service and clinical perspective.


This has been achieved by pairing two 12 bed wings to make a staffing module of 24 residents. Long corridor have been avoided, with most residents having to pass no more than one bedroom before reaching the local lounge / dining areas. As a result, each bedroom cluster feels more like a large house than an institutional development. Again a larger scaled primary spine has been developed to provide legibility and structure.


A full on site gas turbine electricity plant is being installed to provide security of electricity to the home, and this will also result in lowering the carbon footprint of the building. A number of other sustainability features are being incorporated, including openable clerestory windows promoting cross ventilation, Northern orientation to most living areas, and appropriate shade structures to allow winter sun penetration and summer shade to windows.





Aged Care Facility


The Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung people


Camberwell, Victoria


$40.25 mil.



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